An analysis of the character quentin compson in the sound and the fury a short story by the american

Finally, when Quentin feels that life is useless, he resolves to commit suicide.

The Sound and the Fury Additional Characters

Quentin looks at life, and everything he sees seems to reaffirm Mr. Faulkner often uses the images of clocks and watches to signify the importance of time in the novel, particularly with Quentin. Active Themes The list continues with the characters of the novel: Quentin tells his father that they have committed incestbut his father knows that he is lying: Style and structure[ edit ] The four parts of the novel relate many of the same episodes, each from a different point of view and therefore with emphasis on different themes and events.

But with the addition of several narrators, particularly Quentin, the story takes on added levels of meaning. Both had sisters who were so close to them that the subject of incest was predominant to both characters.

On the night of one death in the family, as T. Therefore, he investigates to see how much responsibility he feels toward the South and toward his own past. Although the vocabulary is generally basic, the frequent switches in time and setting, as well as the occasional lack of regard for sentence structure grammar have proven it to be a difficult read—even for many fans of Faulkner.

Without the dream of obtaining Daisy, he seems to feel lost as though his entire world is gone. The work brings with it its own form; anything the wants to add is rejected, and what he himself would like to reject is thrust back at him.

He feels as though he has failed Caddy.

The Sound and the Fury

So promiscuous is she, even urging her sensitive brother Quentin to abortive intercourse, that she does not really know who is the father of her child. Jason slaps Luster, turns the carriage around, and, in an attempt to quiet Benjy, hits Benjy, breaking his flower stalk, while screaming "Shut up!

Benjy also reports that his father smells like rain Faulkner 79and he even seems capable of smelling death.

He tries to calm Quentin by explaining that virginity is just a tradition and code of the old South, and that it ultimately only matters to men who take those traditions and codes too seriously. This section, the only one without a single first-person narratorfocuses on Dilsey, the powerful matriarch of the black family servants.

Active Themes The librarian brought the picture to Jason, who now owned and lived in the supply store where he had worked for Earl. The meaning of the story comes through the character of Quentin. Even Faulkner himself seems to know nothing of her fate.

Of course Caddy wont. This situation is similar to the way Quentin seems to feel about Caddy and losing her to her husband and child. Pregnant and alone, Caddy then marries Herbert Head, whom Quentin finds repulsive, but Caddy is resolute: While Freud looked at the literary product to reveal the personal psychology of the artist or as a symptom of that psychology, Jung looked to art to reveal truths about the collective human soul or psyche Jacoby Faulkner said in his speech upon being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature that people must write about things that come from the heart, "universal truths.

Maury remains almost a comedic figure in his perpetual freeloading. This type of criticism can reveal much about these characters, their minds, and the reasons why they desire the past. The idea can be extended also to Quentin and Jason, whose narratives display their own varieties of idiocy.

More to the point, the novel recounts "the way to dusty death" of a traditional upper-class Southern family. Terrel Tebbets seems to be the leading Jungian authority on Faulkner.

Gatsby is also killed by his obsession in a sense. Enjoy and comment please. This interest makes him better as a narrator than Mr. She served as a mediator not just between Benjy and the world in the novel but as the medium through which Faulkner perceived mythological images.

He dies in the process of trying to recapture the past. Quentin is obsessed with her. Still another remembered conversation links Quentin to the life of the mind a discussion of books: Not only do chronological events mesh together irregularly, but often especially at the end Faulkner completely disregards any semblance of grammar, spelling, or punctuation, instead writing in a rambling series of words, phrases, and sentences that have no separation to indicate where one thought ends and another begins.

Also in this novel, Faulkner uses italics to indicate points in each section where the narrative is moving into a significant moment in the past. She uses intuition to understand. Caddy exhibits an intuitive attitude toward knowing in her interactions with each of her siblings, but most distinctively in her interactions with Benjy.

In this quote, he tells his father that he had committed incest with Caddy, although he really had not.Analysis and discussion of characters in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.

The Sound and the Fury Characters

Shortly after The Sound and the Fury was published, the noted critic Clifton Fadiman dismissed the novel, claiming that its themes were too “trivial” to deserve the elaborate craftsmanship Faulkner lavished on them. Many other critics have countered that the novel’s themes extend beyond the story of the Compson family specifically, and.

Absalom, Absalom!

Quentin Compson is a fictional character created by William Faulkner. He is an intelligent, neurotic, and introspective son of the Compson Family. He is featured in the classic novels The Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom!

as well as the short stories, "That Evening Sun" and "A Justice". The Sound and the Fury Appendix: Compson: Summary & Analysis from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes. Sign In Sign Up. Lit. Guides. Lit. Terms. Shakespeare. Translations. LitCharts: The list continues with the characters of the novel: Quentin III.

Get everything you need to know about Benjamin (Benjy) Compson in The Sound and the Fury. Analysis, related quotes, timeline. The character of Benjamin (Benjy) Compson in The Sound and the Fury from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes.

The novel's oldest character is Damuddy, the mother of Caroline Compson and grandmother of Benjy, Caddy, Quentin, and Jason. Although she (The entire section is 1, words.) You'll also get.

An analysis of the character quentin compson in the sound and the fury a short story by the american
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