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The other four brands were substantially weaker, all breaking under the weight of pennies, or 9. In fact, all three picked up the wine relatively quickly and easily without having to exert much pressure. These top three towels, Viva in particular, have more texture than the others, with grooves and divots, making it easier for them to pick up dirt, grime, and grease from surfaces.

Using medium-grade, coarse sandpaper, we tested how many swipes a sheet could handle until it wore through. Both companies have come a long way with their advertising slogans. Strength Next, we wanted to test the strength of each brand by Brand comparison paper how much weight it could support before breaching.

Using this sheets-per-ounce data, we were able to calculate the cost per ounce of liquid absorption for each paper towel. We then tackled the six dried stains with one sheet of each brand. Consumers have tried their products and collected their memorabilia as a supporter of each brand.

It rarely wears thin, even when repeatedly scrubbing a stain. Product Packaging When it comes to Pepsi versus Coca-Cola, these companies have been competitors throughout the years. Comparing the two while Coca-Cola is winning the short-term war currently PepsiCo is setting itself up for better long-term gains and growth.

There was also a trace bit of grease left on the counter by the Brawny towel. The single-ply products — Viva and Scott — were the most expensive in terms of cost per ounce of liquid absorption. Pepsi Co is known for many products beyond Pepsi cola but is easily recognized by the red, white, and blue logo.

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The lower carbonation and sodium makes Pepsi a slightly higher quality product in the not so healthy soda industry. The other three brands did eventually succeed in removing the spots, but only after increasing the pressure and number of swipes across the spill.

Brawny came out ahead in this test, holding 0. Viva shredded after six strokes, White Cloud and Great Value lasted just five, and Scott wore through after four. Besides the noticeable difference in logos Pepsi tends to have a sweeter taste and a citrusy flavor burst.

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Conclusion In conclusion, although these two brands are largely successful in their own right they also have very different brand components.

There was a fainter remnant of Brand comparison paper under the Viva and Great Value towels, which could be felt but not seen. Brawny was the next strongest, holding pennies, or We then saturated the sheet with water, held it up until the water stopped dripping from the bottom edge, and weighed it again to see how much of the water remained within the sheet.

So one is for the older people, one is for the younger people. An example of an acquired taste one is like the household a person grows up in drinks Coca-Cola then their taste buds may come to like the product because that is what they were offered in the house.

Both companies are concerned with sustainable packaging, recycling, and making an impact of the future of our globe and its environment.Of the 19 paper towel brands in our test, Viva performed the best overall. By The Good Housekeeping Institute. Paper Towels Apr 3, How We Tested Paper Towels.

Toilet paper Buying Guide Because the number of sheets per roll of toilet paper can vary significantly among brands, we suggest you check the number of square feet per package to compare costs. The Best Paper Towel Brands. 13 MIN READ • Updated: 3/26/ • Bryan Vu.

Cleaning Divide the total cost of the package by the total square footage to find the price per square foot, and you can easily compare two or three brands while you shop. Ply: The ply is the number of layers in each sheet. Two-ply, meaning two layers of paper, is.

Coated Paper Comparison by Grade Mill Brand SUPER PREMIUM #1 CS GLOSS FREE SHEET WEB Sappi McCoy Gloss PREMIUM #1 CS GLOSS FREE SHEET WEB Appleton Coated Utopia 1X Xtra Bright Gloss Appleton Coated Utopia 1X Xtra Brite Gloss Cove.

View Essay - Brand Comparison- Apple vs Samsung from GEN ED GEN at University of Phoenix. RUNNING HEAD: BRAND COMPARISON PAPER 1 Brand Comparison: Apple vs.

Samsung In todays market a cell phone%(2). Free Essay: Brand Comparison Paper Edwin Loeffler, Jessica Canaday, Mackenzie Damm, Cindy Berrios BRM/ September 8, Bridget Peaco Brand Comparison.

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