Case study of wage and salary administration essay

One will have to devote enough time to collect information about the organization, the type and quantity of work, the number and the sum of payment. According to Iris Young, marginalization is the act of relegating or confining a group of people to a lower social standing or outer limit or edge of society.

If a company is to achieve a high level of efficiency and morale, it must pay wages that are high enough to enable its employees to enjoy an adequate standard of living; otherwise some employees may be forced to supplement their incomes by maintaining a second job.

Lack of co-ordination among adjudication authorities, too, are responsible for such anomalies. Wage and salary administration is the process of awarding the employees according to their work at an organization. It considered that no employer should pay less than a subsistence wage but that any Company that is prosperous enough to do should pay more.

Every employee is paid regularly according to the payroll of the company. Minimum Wage According to this, the workers should be assured a minimum amount as their remuneration so that none will grumble that he getting below the minimum. Marginalization does not only mean the restricting of races, but it can also be used to define the inequality and wage gap between men and women.

As wages are paid according to the output it ensures a degree of fairness to everyone. Your case study will be written from scratch. If the work of wage and salary administration is organized professionally, employees receive money on time and plan their life and purchases earlier.

Occupational Differentials These indicate that since different occupations require different qualifications different wages of skill and carry different degrees of responsibility, wages are usually fixed on the basis of the differences in occupations and various degrees of skills.

Productivity increases as the earnings are directly linked with production. Wage differentials have been classified into three categories: No attention is paid to the production of quality goods.

The formula for calculating under this system is: Examples of such wage differentials are inter-industry, inter-firm, and geographical or inter-area wage differentials. Since wages are not related to output it makes difficult to control labor costs.

Case Study on Wage and Salary Administration

The relationship between employers and employees depends mainly on wages. Men and women are both equally capable of working a 40 hour work week or being a stay at home parent and caring for their children. Supply and demand The demand and supply position of labour affects the determination of wage rates.

Wage may be defined as payment for the use of labor Khanna, Differences in technological advance, managerial efficiency, financial capacity, age and size of the firm, relative advantages and disadvantages of supply raw materials, power and availability of transport facility facilities — these also account for considerable disparities in inter-firm wage rates.

Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery. Government policies The government policies effect the wage rates. Women, who feel that just having the same job as men and are receiving a lower income, are oppressing themselves and are just making it seem like it is perfectly reasonable to have a pay gap within our society.

Ability to pay Organizations which have high sales and profit are able to pay high and salaries to their employees than those which are running at a loss or having low profits. As it gives security to the workers they are tempted to work slow which results in loss to the employer.

In other words, wage differentials may be: The wage is the price for the use of human efforts Ahuja, It is unbelievably unjust that someone is penalized for being a certain gender and that a woman could be working as hard as or even harder than a man is and still make less than what he would be making.

Wage and Salary Administration

Inter-firm differentials Inter-firm differentials reflect the relative wage levels of workers in different plants in the same a Differences in the quality of labour employed by different firms; b Imperfections in the labour market; and c Differences in the efficiency of equipment, supervision and other non-labour factors.

The main causes of inter-firm wage differentials are: Third, occupational wage differentials, which would exist even if employment markets were perfect and social prejudices, were absent.

The employees, and the union, if there is one, should be adequately informed about the procedure used to establish wage rates.CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION AND GRIEVANCE ARBITRATION Name Institution Question 1: The chief cause of disputes preceding a collective bargaining agreement involves the desire of employees in a workplace for salary and wage increment, better working conditions and job security as well as the employers’ desire for enhanced.

The main objective of wage and salary administration is to have a scientific, rational, and balanced wage & salary structure. In salary administration, the employer should not feel that the employees are paid more than they deserve and the employees should not feel that they are underpaid.

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Gender Wage Gap in the United States Essay Social justice is defined as the fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons of any ethnicity, gender, race, religion, etc., are to be treated equally and without prejudice.

Case Study: Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing Essay; Hrm Case Study Essay example. Case Study-1 Jack Nelson’s Problem Chapter-1 Introduction to Human Resource Management Page: 1 * The case is all about the necessity & functions of HR unit in a local bank. Case Study of Wage and Salary Administration Essay.

Gender Wage Gap in the United States Essay

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Case study of wage and salary administration essay
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