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Her father is " trash " and has a drinking problemand the whole atmosphere is one of domestic violence. She starts accumulating money, as she realizes she will need money to have a better start later in life. Throughout the novel, the reader learns how beautiful her new home is.

She is attracted to them although she has been brought up detesting " niggers " and although she herself cannot overcome all the racial prejudice that has been inculcated in her mind all her life. She never had the opportunity to experience childhood because the roles were reversed for her when she had to manage the family budget, pay the bills, and fend for herself at mealtimes.

Gradually, Starletta transforms from an unsophisticated child into a mature young woman, and she develops a crush on a white boy from school. She is petty and bickers with Nadine, her sister, when their mother dies.

She carefully plans to get in touch with them, and after her argument with Nadine she just packs her things together and goes to the house of the "Foster family".

She tells Ellen of how she had known her mother as a child and says that Ellen looks very much like her. In spite of her unhappy childhood Ellen is a smart girl; she borrows books from the library and is rather creative when it comes to spending her spare time.

Ellen thinks to herself: Sometimes I even think I was cut out to be colored and I got bleached and sent to the wrong bunch of folks. Furthermore, Ellen takes a lot of effort to paint a picture for her aunt and her cousin, but she overhears them describing her painting as "silly" and "cheap-looking".

After winning custody of Ellen in court, she immediately sends her to work the fields with the black field hands on the farms she owns in the scorching summer heat. When he starts beating her, her bruises are noticed at school and as a temporary solution, her free spirited art teacher invites Ellen to live with her and her husband, Roy.

Throughout her journey, Ellen is hopeful that she will someday find a nice and loving home, which she eventually does.

She is a chronic pants-wetter, though she is the same age as Ellen. Of all the ladies in the church that could make into a new mama she of all people was the one for me. As an act of revenge, Ellen pretends she has a boyfriend who has given her a microscope for Christmas. Throughout it all, however, she is determined to endure and knows that she deserves better than the horrific circumstances under which she is suffering.

Accordingly, when the weekend is over, Betsy turns her out again, and Ellen has to return to her father. It can be found on many summer reading lists.Essays and criticism on Kaye Gibbons' Ellen Foster - Critical Essays.

Ellen Foster Critical Essays

In Ellen Foster, Kaye Gibbons describes how the failure of many of the novel's adult characters ultimately inspires Ellen to mature and rely on herself. Thesis Statements A thesis statement is like a road map for the reader.

It states the main point of your essay and allows the reader to anticipate where you will be taking them. It has 2. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Ellen Foster Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

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Ellen Foster: A Novel about a little girl

How to Write Literary Analysis; Suggested Essay Topics. Essay on Ellen Foster Book Report - Author Biography Kaye Gibbons was born in in Nash County, North Carolina. Growing up she loved to write. She graduated from Rocky Mount High School in and went on to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

While in college she wrote her first book, Ellen Foster, it was a huge success. Ellen's unusual maturity streak will cause many things not normal to happen In Conclusion, Ellen is a small timid girl who needs to work out her problems and confusions. Need a unique paper?

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Ellen foster essay thesis
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