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However, the Chief Engineer, Hugh Keeling and many Indian contractors were Essay in hindi of rashtrapati bhawan part of its designing and construction.

Lutyens added several small personal elements to the house, such as an area in the garden walls and two ventilator windows on the stateroom to look like the glasses which he wore. Lutyens thought Baker was more concerned with making money and pleasing the government, rather than making a good architectural design.

The plan called for two wings; one for the Viceroy and residents and another for guests. The exterior of the dome was modelled partly after the early Buddhist stupassuch as that at Sanchiwhich it resembles far more in the exterior profile. Amidst tight security, the garden opens for public during the months of February and March.

Two of them, Durbar Hall and Ashoka Hall, are the most prominent. This massive mansion was designed by a British architect named Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Rashtrapati Bhavan information in Hindi : राष्ट्रपति भवन से जुड़ीं रोचक बातें

Here is housed the collection of Bonsais, one of the best in the country. While Hardinge demanded that costs be reduced, he nevertheless wanted the house to retain a certain amount of ceremonial grandeur. From its main gate towards east, the view of Rajpath till India Gate is magnificent.

Durbar Hall is situated directly under the double-dome of the main building. It blocks harsh sunlight from the windows and also shields the windows from heavy rain during the monsoon season. Lutyens said the design evolved from that of the Pantheon in Rome, [15] although externally it has little resemblance to that, either in the curve of the dome or the high drum; both have an oculus in the centre.

This lovely and attractive garden has a number of diverse flowers and shrubs, along with exquisite fountains which make it more beautiful. The structure includes million bricks [13] and 3. There is also an open area in one room to the sky, which lets in much of the natural light. The nearest metro station is Central Secretariat.

Lutyens appropriated some Indian design elements, but used them sparingly and effectively throughout the building. The residence wing is a separate four-storey house in itself, with its own court areas within. It was officially inaugurated in the year Workers began to form the reinforced concrete shell of the outer dome at the beginning of It is said that over million bricks and three million cubic feet of stones were used in the construction of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The total cost of building this marvelous piece of architecture was of Rspounds Rs. The last stone of the dome was laid on 6 April These included several circular stone basins on top of the building, as water features are an important part of Indian architecture.

There are innumerable of beautiful flowers including different species of colorful roses that make entire surrounding simply amazing. With having a floor space of sq ft, Rashtrapati Bhavan has four floors and rooms.

The bells are similar in style to Indian Hindu and Buddhist temples, the idea being inspired from a Jain temple at Moodabidri in Karnataka.

The underlying themes, however, have remained unaltered.

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The second restoration project, begun ininvolved Charles Correa and Sunita Kohli. With the combination of the architectural work of Mughal and British era, it is undoubtedly one of the best known monuments of the country. The building took seventeen years to complete and eighteen years later India became independent.

When the plan for a new city, New Delhiadjacent to end south of Old Delhiwas developed after the Delhi Durbar, the new palace for the Viceroy of India was given an enormous size and prominent position. The two state drawing rooms, the state supper room and the state library are each on the four corners of Durbar Hall.

However, the entry is strictly banned in the Rashtrapati Bhavan but visitors are allowed visit its outer gate. It houses a 5th century Buddha statue from the Gupta period. In the centre is a tall copper-faced dome, surmounting a very tall drum in several sections, which stands out from the rest of the building.

There is a Buddhist-style "railing" design around the section of the drum below the dome. Enclosed in walls about 12 feet high, this is predominantly a rose garden.Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi is one of the largest residential houses of any Head of the State in the world.

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Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan, home to the President of the world’s largest democracy, epitomizes India’s strength, its democratic traditions and secular character. Rashtrapati Bhavan was the creation of architects of exceptional imagination and masterfulness, Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker.

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The Rashtrapati Bhavan Main gate of Rashtrapati Bhawan with Jaipur Column in background. The layout plan of the building is designed around a massive square with multiple courtyards and open inner areas within.

The plan called for two wings; one for the Viceroy and residents and another for guests. Free Essay on Rashtrapati Bhawan Uploaded by msnarayana on Oct 15, Rashtrapati Bhawan was formerly known as 'Viceroy's House' and was occupied by the Governor-General of India, until independence.

Essay in hindi of rashtrapati bhawan
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