Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis

If there is no distinctly masculine role for fathers, then the most that men can do is to help out with mothering tasks. His project rather requires a cultural paradigm shift hardly tenable in the near future. He is a deeply involved parent.

Do you think we are also in need of a consideration of motherhood and motherlessness? It is a denial of sexual complementarity and ultimately a denial of generativity There are many examples of people who grew up without fathers and still lead productive, meaningful lives in the world.

It is the insistence that the pathway to human happiness lies in transcending the old polarities of sexual embodiment in order for each individual man and woman to embrace and express all of human potentiality within his or her self The analytical technique for doing this, by family "experts" and in portrayals of family life in movies and other media, is an approach called "deconstruction.

The Old Father in the eyes of his cultural critics used his position as breadwinner to dominate and often bully or abuse wife and children. In service to the child and to the social good, fathers do certain things that other people, including mothers, do not do as often, as naturally, or as well Blankenhorn cites a number of interviews he conducted throughout the country with fathers who still believed in the importance of fatherhood.

Re-consideration of fatherhood and fatherless should in no way diminish the importance of women and mothers. A malaise that society, in promoting separated families, "blended" families and alternative lifestyles, offers little support or honoring of traditional fatherhood.

At any rate, society seems to focus on "OK alternatives," like step-fathering or single-mother homes. Blankenhorn positions his discussions of the New Father and the Deadbeat Dad next to each other, and the way he contrasts them reveals his general position.

They offer the reader at least five distinct benefits: The father is willing to make sacrifices, to protect and serve.


The very fact that women are choosing to rear fatherless children indicates that inherited norms regarding family and fatherhood have shifted in profound ways. In addition, I dispute it because it rests upon a narcissistic and ultimately self-defeating conception of male happiness and human completion.

It is the reigning ethos of much of contemporary American culture. Blankenhorn actually lays out a very similar argument to this.

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He then quotes one supporter of this view, Mark Gerzon, who celebrates this self-defining principle of family life because, Couples may write their own scripts, construct their own plots, with unprecedented freedom The social fabric blessed and honored the role that fathers had to play.

Why would intellectuals insist that there is no distinctly masculine role for men as fathers? Blankenhorn identifies two preconditions for effective fatherhood not being met today: Far from promising a trouble-free voyage, he has begun by making giant waves.


The book is polemical and sociological, relying on statistics and case studies on the topic of fatherhood. How do you think adults can help fatherless children? In the chapter "The New Father", Blankenhorn discusses the way that fathers are now meant to be. I would have to say yes," Griswold said.

During this time fathers moved from the center of family life s to the periphery now. It is the vision of Whitman in his "Song of the Open Road": He has written a detailed, insightful and eloquent book which still stands nearly a decade after its first appearance as a most compelling defence of traditional fatherhood.

Many Americans now consider fathers unnecessary for the good of society and child development. Going where I list, my own master total and absolute.

Fatherless America Analysis

Greely who states bluntly that society should administer a "dose of androgyny" to men and "insist that men become more like women". No social pattern is more divisive, more dangerous or more steadfastly denied, he has asserted for close to a decade.

Blankenhorn puts it a little more academically, writing that, At bottom, the New Father idea presupposes the larger thesis that fatherhood is superfluous.

But this is not a necessary role. They take seriously their duty not only to provide material support, but to protect, to teach, to prepare the child for the adult world, and to be there for the child. One textbook on family life reassuringly claims that "androgyny would be especially beneficial to men".

Nearly 10 percent of all births deriving from artificial insemination by donors some three thousand births per year are to unmarried women.Fatherless America by David Blankenhorn Order on-line: This is a powerful and important, deeply disturbing book. The author’s thesis is that the most urgent domestic challenge facing the United States at the close of the twentieth century is the re-creation of fatherhood as a vital social role for men.

I recently came across the book Fatherless America by David Blankenhorn. Published init's too good to adequately discuss in a single column. For now.

David Blankenhorn's careful research in Fatherless America, documents the decline of fatherhood in America between and Read more Published on February 20, Reviews: Where’s Dad? Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem.

by David Blankenhorn. Basic Books. pp. $ With about half of all marriages in. Thanks to activists, scholars and writers such as David Blankenhorn, the central social disaster facing the United States -- the extraordinary number of children growing up without their fathers at home -- is finally being addressed with a measure of intellectual and public honesty.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) is the flagship organization for complementarianism. Complementarians believe God created man male and female, equal in dignity and worth, different in role in the family and the church.

Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis
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