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Very high debts to GDP come with shallow trend [economic] growth. At the same price, energy research group Wood Mackenzie estimates that investment in new wells would halve, wiping out production growth.

Equally, for the first time oil is facing a genuine competitor in the transport sector, which currently accounts for more than half of all oil consumption. UK debt levels are not excessively high. Follow their reports on TV, on radio and online.

Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits

It has promised to halve its annual budget deficit within the next four years, but this means the overall level of debt is still rising.

The UK is, for now at least, no worse off than the rest of them. Next come Chelsea and Fiorentina, which have won Against this backdrop, it is only a matter of time before a meaningful carbon price - hitting polluters for emitting CO2 - is introduced, a price that will have a profound impact on the global oil market.

Nor has there been a major loss of confidence in UK debt, sold as gilts, by overseas investors. Electric vehicles may be a niche market now, but as battery technology in particular advances, they will move inexorably into the mainstream, significantly reducing demand for oil.

The study also found the competition in the calendar year generated 6bn euros for the European economy. And in the end, it is the taxpayers that will suffer. He cited Lyon, which has made no secret of the fact it specifically targets the competition in order to increase the resale value of its players.

And, according to most projections, it is set to go an awful lot higher. There are hundreds of other much smaller oil groups across the world with a far more uncertain future, not least in the US.

Repaying these high levels of debt will force countries to cut spending and raise taxes, with potentially serious implications for their inhabitants. Indeed lower oil and gas prices undermine a fundamental economic argument propounded by many governments to support renewables - that fossil fuels will continue to rise in price.

It has not downgraded any other G7 economy this year, or last year for that matter. Market sentiment has moved from one extreme to the other The reason for the difference in payments is UEFA pays win bonuses per game -euros for a win,euros for a draw, and nothing for a loss.

He said any team would have to go all the way to the final of the Europa League, or even win it, to get similar revenues to those available to teams which get through to the knock-out stages of the Champions League. In the Middle East and parts of Central and South America, oil is in direct competition with renewables to generate electricity, so solar power in particular will suffer at the hands of cheap oil.

The agency has also issued a similar warning about the US. There is no way round this," he says. After all, while there may be hundreds of new small suppliers entering the fray, there are still too few big players controlling oil supply for a truly free market to develop.

Energy Questions are also being asked about fracking. Lower oil prices are also a grave concern for electric carmakers, with sales of hybrids in the US falling while those of gas-guzzling SUVs surge. The oil market is undergoing significant transformation, but more fundamental change is on the horizon.

Paying interest on high debts is like "paying a tax on your current income. In no way are [the two competitions] comparable," said Professor Chadwick. Italian clubs, with three teams in the knock-out stages, earned m euros, while Spanish clubs earned There is money in the system.

So while debt levels remain in line with those in other major economies, while investors keep buying gilts, and as long as the UK economy recovers as most expect it to, there seems little reason to panic.

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Professor Chadwick said the increased exposure players get through the Champions League increased their value. Commercial revenues are up despite the downturn, the Mastercard study found.

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Exploration into unproven reserves in regions such as Southern and West Africa will also grind to a halt. As Mr Lyons says, "Growth is the real solution. With Manchester United reaching the final and all four representatives reaching the knock-out stage, English clubs benefitted to tune of The government has not laid out clear plans to reduce debt, analysts say What really concerns markets is a perceived lack of determination on behalf of the government to do so.

More worrying to investors is the fact that government spending will not be curtailed in the short term, as the Treasury is desperate to stimulate the economy during the recession.

This confidence will be key when the government stops buying its own debt through its quantitative easing programme next year. Fuel price calculator See how much petrol and diesel costs around the world Elsewhere, falling oil prices are helping drive down the price of gas, the direct rival of renewables.By Richard Anderson, Business reporter, BBC News Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits By Richard Anderson, Business reporter, BBC News Imagine an industry that generates higher profit margins than any other and is no stranger to multi­billion dollar fines for malpractice.

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In addition BBC News runs rolling news network BBC Radio 5. Countries around the world are looking at new ways to exploit abundant coal reserves, but at what cost to the environment, asks the BBC's Richard Anderson.

Richard anderson business reporter bbc news
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