Salem witch trials torture methods

Because the Devil was not going to "confess", it was necessary to gain a confession from the human involved. The executions generally consisted of cuts to the arms, legs, and chest leading to amputation of limbs, Salem witch trials torture methods by decapitation or a stab to the heart.

If the crime was less serious or the executioner merciful, the first cut would be to the throat causing death; subsequent cuts served solely to dismember the corpse. The chair would then be dunked into a local river or lake.

Torture Devices

Although there are only a few punishments listed above, these are some of the more humane ones that were apart of the Salem Witch Trials. When a Salem witch trials torture methods was hung at the gallows in the town square, the hanging was hardly about the criminal.

It was believed by some that boiling the blood of a Witch would drain her power. Mercy Lewis has undergone the treatment of the muzzle. Smaller, but equally painful, it also a iron mask with spikes, which is affixed to the face of the prisoner and then hit with a hammer so that the spikes penetrate the skull.

The device was placed between the breast bone and throat just under the chin and secured with a leather strap around the neck, while the victim was hung from the ceiling or otherwise suspended in a way so that they could not lie down.

This continued on until Corey died, but he never pleaded guilty or innocent throughout the entire process. Share Shares 3K Rhetoric is only as potent as its source material — this is why any allusion to the Salem Witch Trials of is so effective.

Giles Corey was an year-old man who had been accused of witchcraft. If they floated, they were a witch using magic to stay afloat. But some still stayed alive until the saw reached her heart. The interrogation for a response was different than any other Salem or surrounding communities had seen.

The victim was then thrown into a pond or lake. This method was extremely dangerous and often passed from being a torture to an actual execution, as happened to Giles Corey. This was supposed to "drain her power".

The prisoner was stripped, and the man was tied and stretched around the wheel. Torture 4 - Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation was used as a means of interrogation by witch hunters during the Great Witch Caze, which has resulted in court trials over whether or not the technique is a form of torture.

Death by Hanging Young alleged witches hanging from the gallows While there are four known methods of causing death by hanging, only one was used in the American Colonies: Under one interrogation technique, a subject might be kept awake for several days and when finally allowed to fall asleep, suddenly awakened and questioned.

The point would either be set in the anus, vagina, under the scrotum, or under the coccyx. Records in Scotland reported that to burn a Witch, 16 loads of peat, wood, and coal was consumed. One straps a subject to a seat and lowers it all the way into the water, then briefly allows the subject to come up for air before being lowered back down.

The victim was placed inside. One of the previous incarnations of the Countess Von Marburg was killed by this torture device by Roman legionnaires.Jun 07,  · An all-new Salem airs Sunday at 10/9c on WGN America.

10 Tests For Guilt at the Salem Witch Trials

Follow Salem: Increase is insane on a good day. The Witch's Collar This torture device locked around the victim's neck with its spikes stabbing the victim.

Then it would be fixed onto the end of a pole and the suspect would be dragged through the streets often on the way to a public execution.

One of the most common sentences for a witch would be hanged at Gallows Hill. Although the Salem Witch Trials are well-known for having their victims being burned at the stake, that was actually less common than being hanged. Another rather odd punishment was called the witch’s cradle.

During the Salem Witch Trials, the accused sorcerer George Burroughs flawlessly recited the prayer from the gallows just before his execution.

The performance was dismissed as a devil’s trick, and the hanging proceeded as planned. You are the worst person on Salem—no matter how many devil-worshipping witches are about.

But we really didn't need to see the rapey torture methods. Methods of killing during the Salem Witch Trials.

The accused was laid on a flat, solid surface with a board on top of them. Large rocks were placed one-by-one on the board until the person confessed.

Salem witch trials torture methods
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