Saving planet earth rests on the decision of mankind

But why should it be so? At least 20, left their homes in London but nothing happened. All of us will reinforce each and everyone of you, and you will be convinced of this before you leave our midst to return.

Radiometric dating indicates that Santa Clara is the oldest of the islands, 5. Even small changes are worthwhile, as they spark our awareness. How quickly we shake our heads and point our finger at Eve.

A tremendous input of Light through beam radiation is now being undertaken for purposes of quickening the Light bodies of all who can receive it. Such a kingdom men have been trying to establish for centuries, but nations are farther from realizing it today than ever before.

The marshalling of all of our forces for this undertaking which is so important to the Hierarchal Program, has been a tremendous challenge and one in which thousands have beautifully cooperated. Is this demeanor not more abominable and inhumane?

In these three verses in Hebrews, we are reminded that the subject of death is dealt with in each of them, and the fact of the Incarnation is substantiated in the clause, "who was made a little lower than the angels.

They not only register all of the proposed plans, but evaluate each Leader within his emotional and rational being to determine his probable response to any given set of circumstances.

Once again there are countless books and documentaries being produced by self-proclaimed experts. Previous charts had differed on the location. But now we are prepared to be more outward in Manifestation and bolder in our efforts to win the hearts of Mankind to our cause and purpose, which is really their own.

This will be their sole contribution to their overall program. Special Programs for reaching and educating the masses have now ceased. Furthermore, by blindly adhering to the Pope, followers stifle all common sense from the very start. God could never have been glorified if the Son would have failed in His earthly mission in the smallest degree.

The location of the archipelago was fixed by Alessandro Malaspina in All of these self-sacrificing Leaders will remain until the last moment for directing others, teaching others, and assisting in the creation of an atmosphere free of fear around those clusters of Humanity preparing for their rescue.

He Came to Reign When the Incarnation had been announced, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, "Where is He that is born king of the Jews? The answer came fast and startling: Every type of unnatural catastrophe in nature directly results also from the human destruction mania.

All of those who are summoned to these briefings will in some manner all be linked together to assist each other in the overall project of evidential presentation. On this visit you will take with you when you return to Earth situations, a full recall of all that has transpired, along with many evidences of where you have been.

Already modern inventions have revolutionized Palestine and its surrounding territory.

God's Evacuation Plan?

The destruction of this center has been the goal of the Destroyer. But you shall NOT be taken out of your physical forms, but you shall be spared to live on in those days that follow.

The islands are mainly known for having been the home to the sailor Alexander Selkirk for four years, which may have inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe.

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All of these have sat in on our council meetings while their bodies have slept. They shall not be left unequipped without the proper spiritual weapons with which to carry forward this encounter.

We have prepared the hearts and souls of incarnate Humanity in our own manner, for the coming events. That same holy One, the incarnate Christ, will come again to tabernacle with Israel. They think God is either cruel or that He is not in control.Overpopulation Bomb; Destruction of the Earth; Discrimination against Women hence, it is adamantly against all rights of women and their own decision-making aspirations on children or pregnancy termination.

Politicians as well curb women's rights in this manner. to the detriment and destruction of mankind, all life and planet Earth. But if the military belligerence of Earth’s nations extends into outer space, then robots like Gort will destroy our planet.

“The decision rests with you.”. Ming schemes to take over the earth by using an oceanographer's invention to turn all the fish in the sea against mankind. Add Image. S1, Ep20 Jedda, believing her father dead, must make the most important decision of her life -- is she ready to assume the role of Phantom?

Prince Kro-Tan plans to harness energy from the Earth's core to. LED bulbs are also energy-saving, but have a narrower range of application. Advances in LED bulb technology, however, are leading to more applications for these bulbs in the home.

Forecast Earth – climate change, global warming and green living information Global Warming: it’s not too late 5 Amazing Inventions For a Thirsty Planet. The desperate plight of our planet has convinced some that there is no God. Those who do believe in a God find God somehow responsible for all that is painful.

If the first three chapters of the Bible explain the condition of mankind and the world due to the fall of man and the curse, the last two chapters of the Bible explain the depths of. Through Tuella. Although these Messages of the coming Earth Changes and Ascension of Planet Earth given by the Ashtar Command in the 's through Tuella (Thelma Terrell) have since been long delayed in their outcome, mainly through the strong efforts of the Forces of Darkness to eliminate or postpone the event, the instruction and program contained therein remains largely unchanged and.

Saving planet earth rests on the decision of mankind
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