Segmentation by sony vaio

These differences in behavioural and attitudinal orientations can be capitalised upon. Also psychographic variable can tell about consumer buying behavior. Conduct an in-depth analysis, contrast and compare new research with previous research.

The female members 2C and 2D seemed more style driven and was not particularly bothered by the technology on a TV. The author has therefore proceeded to question three in presenting findings as questions one and two have no benefit to the research.

There was an extensive amount of literature that has been published on market segmentation, its roles and responsibilities within an organisation and also the controversy that surrounds the subject and its validity.

This segment spends the most amount of time researching prior to purchase. Also, the opinions and views of the credible authors of these books and journals seemed more relevant, valid and reliable than those obtained through internet sourcing.

Bar chart showing amount of children respondents have As figure 5. The author found it necessary to identify what the likely marital status of TV consumers were and analyse these in comparison with census data to identify any differences, trends or patterns.

Market structure and dynamics also change and Sony need to keep an eye on the horizon for new segments or entire markets. So what are the explanations for this shift in segmentation? Findings also discovered the growing popularity and usage of price comparison websites, particularly among male consumers.

Sony has developed an entry level range of Televisions that appeal to lower socio-economic segments but they are still quite highly priced and packed full of the latest technology. Pilot testing with friends and family did not recognise that this question would formulate so many similar, unpractical responses.

This denotes that companies need to research their customers in order to recognise the different groups, or segments, that occupy their customer base. Sony must react by revising a strategy that offers a unique collection of benefits that new entrants cannot match. Scott Edwards, formerly senior VP-corporate marketing organization, will helm the division as consumer segment marketing officer, reporting to Mr.

The author could see a correlation between consumers that were technology driven to those that were style driven. Quantitative Methods for Business: The moderator ensured that all members had an equal role in the interview and tried to restrict dominating members over-contributing to the group.

Member 1A also preferred more expensive brand names such as Sony and Panasonic who have built up a name for being an innovator and leader in technology.Sony Segmentation. 9 September Marketing; 0 Aims and Objectives 2. 1 Aim The aim of this project is to test the validity and reliability of Sony UK’s segmentation practices to reveal, if any, changes in Sony’s customer segments.

Case Detail

2. 2 Objectives 1. To review the current literature surrounding the subject of market segmentation. Sony¶s market segmentation Sony offers different products for different group of customers.

Its product line is very large starting from Mobile SD cards to inch. Sony has 5 main product lines. plasma-killing' tri-color LED-backlit Bravia.

Segmentation and Sony Outline for Presentation 1. Segmentation 2.

Sony Segmentation

Role Play Group Activity 3. Case Presentation 4. Targeting Group Activity 5. Closing Concluding Thoughts Sony VAIO Laptop Sony's Segmentation Sony Case Applied to Chapters Chapter One Demographics Role Theory Self- Concept Attachment Chapter Five Impression.

Sony Vaio - Essentials - low cost 'everyday' - Vaio Pro - Performance and portability HP - Everyday computing / students - low cost - High Performance - IdeaPad (design) This beyond the traditional segmentation of consumer / small business and enterprise. I believe most of these companies are realizing a personal computer is a personal.

New Approach: Sony marketing aims at lifestyle segments

Mar 18,  · New Approach: Sony marketing aims at lifestyle segments. In the last two years, Sony has inched toward a solutions-oriented approach, promoting, for example, the way a Vaio PC, digital camera. Nov 23,  · Ø There are four types of market. Demographic, behavioristic, psychographic, geographic segmentations.

Sony aims on psychographic and demographic variables. The psychographic segmentation is one which uses people lifestyle, activities, interests, personal attributes and motives.

Segmentation by sony vaio
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