Three theories of menatl disorders essay

The Act sets out the legal framework for the care and treatment of mentally disordered persons, by providing the legislation under which people suffering from a mental disorder can be detained in hospital to have their disorder assessed or treated against their wishes Unit One of these is genetic inheritance and family history.

Moreover, I felt more confident in my ability to work with service users; linking social work theories and values to my practice. British Journal of Social Work, 37, However, authors such as Rosenfeld and Turkheimer and Linhorst et al argue, the severity of mental illness can be the main barrier to empowerment as some patients may lack the full capacity to process information, weigh choices and make informed decisions about their treatment.

These factors are generally exacerbated and the gender differences accentuatedwhen there are sudden and unpredicted fluctuations in the general income level or the stability of the social strata. Medication is more often used in psychiatric treatment than in addiction treatment, especially for severe disorders.

I was able to use this knowledge whilst working with the patients on a daily basis but crucially I used this knowledge to inform my assessments so as to be able to identify and assess risks posed by the patients using past and present behaviours.

This is important as authors like Heinzel argue that it cannot be forgotten that groups although therapeutic they are also cost effective as they allow for the delivery of relevant support to a larger number of patients at the same time, consequently reviewing their performance is of grave importance.

Upon reflection I felt that my anxiety was largely due to my negative preconceptions about mental illness especially my belief that mentally ill people are violent, unpredictable, and dangerous.

Due to the complexities of need presented by service users within the setting of the medium secure unit, it is important that a range of approaches and treatments is taken in order to aid recovery. Illnesses such as reactive unipolar depression is found to occur with double the frequency in women, when compared to men.

Although at the beginning I held some of these views, working closer with the patients on my ward, as well as spending time in community hostels and community mental health teams, I came to see how difficult it is for our patients to reintegrate back into society and the anxiety that this caused them prior to discharge Unit Some medications used in psychiatry that have mild psychoactive effects such as some tricyclic antidepressants with mild sedative effects appear to be misused more by patients with an AOD disorder than by others.

Linking theory to practice Being in a hospital environment there was undoubted a large emphasis on the medical model in which mental health is looked at in relation to illness and illness management. It is gender that is one of the prime determinants of the differential power and status factors that influence the degree of control that both men and women have over their socio-economic situation and social position in their own cultural hierarchy.

This includes ensuring I incorporated their views in my assessments and allowed them to read my assessments and raise any concerns that they had before the final drafts were submitted Unit 3, Unit 11, Unit 14, Unit Authors such as Lowry argue that within forensic mental health settings, patients are contained in an environment which automatically restricts choice, and autonomy.

In many societies this is also translated into lower social status that the male and this is often also associated with fewer social freedoms - all of which may be associated with an increasing psychological co-morbidity.

Different types of mental health professionals for example, social workers and MFCCs have differing perspectives; moreover, practitioners within a given group often use different approaches.

Throughout this placement I feel that I have really developed a greater understanding of the concept of risk and as such I have gained greater confidence in the identification of risk and assessment of how it can be managed Unit 9, Unit 12, Unit This may have a bearing on the longer term sequelae such as social readjustment and long term disease process outcome.

Moreover, I learnt that as a professional I was also a resource in that I was able to communicate patient needs and concerns to the clinical team, advocate for and provide information to the patients where necessary Unit Consequently, CPA is essential to providing seamless care for service users.

The woman, in the majority of cultures is expected to assume a number of different roles sometimes simultaneouslyeach with their own pressures.

Mental Health

The gender based role in a particular society certainly in the UKwill produce different exposure to different stressors and negative life experiences. These patterns of behaviour in both the general public, as well as in the perceptions of healthcare professionals, go a long way towards perpetuating many of the gender inequalities that we have examined thus far.

A typical external problem might be the confusion experienced when individuals need services but lack knowledge about the different goals and processes of various types of available services. The focus on treatment, care and rehabilitation highlighted to me that despite being a secure environment unlike prison, the aim is not to confine and contain offenders as punishment but rather to treat and provide care.

Patients may apply to Mental Health Review Tribunals First Tier Tribunals who consider whether the conditions for continued detention are still present and have the power to order a conditional or absolute discharge.

You can order an essay on any topic Order a new paper This paper looks at the three theories of mental disorders. Through this placement I have learnt that it is important to combine knowledge from these theoretical perspectives in order to produce a comprehensive assessment Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 6.

Throughout this placement I was continually developing an understanding of the application of the Mental Health Act Unit A number of authors point to various features of gender difference that may account for this difference.

Biological concept concentrates on the brains function and disorder, known as neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and genetics. One could hope that this would go some way to reducing the burden of disclosure from a patient who may already have a significant burden of psychological illness themselves.

Three Theories of Menatl Disorders Essay

Busfield J We have already alluded, in passing, to the differential incidence of various illnesses. The unremitting role of the carer is common and clearly a cause of chronic stress.

This implies that women tend to be less financially independent and more socio-economically deprived on average that males.Home» Library» Mental Health And Addiction Treatment Theories and of specific psychiatric disorders. Different types of mental health professionals (for example, social workers and MFCCs.

The Biological Theory of psychiatric and mental disorders revolves around the mind, which these disorders are disorders, or diseases that cause disruptions in the mind to generate the effects of the disorder. This theory says that the brain has particular physical, chemical, or structural problems that cause strange behaviour.

The growth of technological and pharmaceutical improvements, intervention. The two most radical of the sociological theories concerning mental health have been social reaction or labelling theories as well as that of social constructivism. Both these theories examined within this essay offer a radical conception of mental health in comparison to what might be called the dominant medical and social views on mental health.

Some mental disorders are diagnosed based on the harm to others they cause, regardless of the The symptoms of schizophrenia fall under three general categories.

There are positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms.  This essay will compare and contrast two plays by aboriginal and Torres Strait islander playwrights.

Essay on The Look at three Integrated Theories - An integrated theory is a combination of 2 or 3 theories that offers many explanations on why crime is occurring, compared to a traditional criminal theory that just focus on one type of aspect (Lilly et al).

All three factors contribute towards the likeliness of mental health disorders. Currently the overarching paradigm for mental health problems is the Medical Model and thus this paper will focus on the Medical Model and Bio psychosocial model for development and treatment of mental health disorders.

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Three theories of menatl disorders essay
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