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Two other very long sentences are those beginning at line 8, running over eight lines, and at line 66, running over six. Once his father dies, however, grief causes the argument to collapse.

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Then, in Decembercame a bolt from the blue: Remembering the encounter many years later, he claimed he heard Nature for the first time speak with a dynamic authenticity: An Elder Statesman Bryant remained politically active throughout his life and struggled to encourage liberal William cullen bryant biography essay causes, but he began to withdraw from active participation in the business of the Post shortly after the end of the Civil War.

A third conjecture would advance it to some unknown month as late aswhen he appears to have been in a creative flurry. With the publication of The Embargo; or, Sketches of the Times; A Satire; by a Youth of Thirteen William Cullen Bryant began his remarkable career as an important figure in American politics, literature, and journalism.

Bryant seized the initiative. That exertion enhanced his standing in party councils, and inhe was one of the William cullen bryant biography essay Eastern exponents of Abraham Lincolnwhom he introduced at Cooper Union.

But the approbation of the Boston literati would matter far more in the long run than a quickening of popular appeal. The rhythmical flow, here, is even voluptuous — nothing could be more melodious. Works in Biographical and Historical Context An Early Talent Bryant was born in Cummington, Massachusetts, and grew up under the conflicting influences of his father, a liberal Unitarian physician, and his maternal grandfather, a conservative Calvinist farmer.

The couple quickly met misfortune. Even an outstanding talent for poetry provided no livelihood, especially in America; a profession, however, would ensure his son the economic stability to permit development of his literary interests.

He is recognized as one of the first poets in the United States to challenge the dominance of traditional eighteenth-century poetic styles. The burden of farm chores, imposed as much for their value as moral discipline as for necessity, taxed his frail physique and delicate health, and although he was ever the prize pupil, eager to please by demonstrating his brightness, the district school imposed a strict regimen: Over the next half century, the "Post" would become the most respected paper in the city and, from the election of Andrew Jackson, the major platform in the Northeast for the Democratic Party and subsequently of the Free Soil and Republican Parties.

Though still a nominal Congregationalist—who, moreover, continued to pay his tithe—he had rejected the core of Christian dogma, but these verses, while no more traditional than the Unitarian church, show him edging toward accommodation with conventional belief.

Obviously, Bryant was reexamining his religious beliefs, but there is nothing tentative about the perception his poem describes. Instead, he turned once again to writing poetry, both to work through his discomfiture and to compensate for it.

Fremont, the first Republican candidate for president, instead. Considered the most accomplished poet of his time in the United States, William Cullen Bryant was the first American poet to receive substantial international acclaim. And so, five days after his fourteenth birthday, Cullen traveled fifty miles to board with his uncle, a clergyman who was to tutor him in Latin.

Bryant died in of complications from an accidental fall suffered after participating in a Central Park ceremony to honor Italian patriot Giuseppe Mazzini.

The editor of the Review, Edward Tyrrel Channingread the poem to his assistant, Richard Henry Dana, who immediately exclaimed, "That was never written on this side of the water! The latter has only nine syllables, one short of the prescribed ten.

From Assistant Editor he rose to Editor-in-Chief and co-owner of the newspaper that had been founded by Alexander Hamilton.

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Indeed, a forested area at the edge of Williamstown was long known as Thanatopsis Wood because the poem had supposedly been begun at that spot. InBryant endorsed the nomination of Abraham Lincoln for the presidency, but two years later denounced him for timidity in prosecuting the war.

Indeed, he was careful to screen his poetic activities, lest the local inhabitants think he entertained lofty notions about himself or lacked a proper seriousness. Although still enjoying his own scrupulously pre served good health, he absented himself from daily operations of the Post to devote his time to a translation of Homer, the ancient Greek epic poet.

Two of the Literary Gazette. Once again, he served as an extension of his father. The impression left is one of a pleasurable sadness. His withdrawal was hastened when, after a long, painful illness, his wife died in July The William cullen bryant is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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William Cullen Bryant Essays - William Cullen Bryant was an American poet, born on November 3,in the rural town of Cummington, Massachusetts, to encouraging and supportive parents. Free william cullen bryant papers, essays, and research papers. William Cullen Bryant.

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Free essays and research papers READ MORE HERE. William Cullen Bryant – American poet, editor, critic, travel sketch writer, translator, short story and sketch writer, satirist, and historian.

INTRODUCTION The most accomplished and popular American poet of the first half of the nineteenth century, Bryant also was the first American poet to receive substantial international acclaim.

William cullen bryant biography essay
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