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All versions of the medal have the same ornamented scroll pattern suspender, attached to the bottom of a bar inscribed "REGULAR ARMY" and affixed to the medal with a single-toe claw and a horizontal pin through the upper edge of the medal.

Prior to8 years additional service was required. A review of conduct will also be carried out by PSD prior to any commendation or certificate of service being awarded. Navy, Gulf War, received: In many cases, those receiving the award have also qualified for the Air Medal or the Aerial Achievement Medal.

A service member must have completed 24 cumulative months of sustained duty performance for the medal to be received. It is not uncommon for service members to receive two, or even all three, of the medals simultaneously. Navy, Cold War, received: Air Force Personnel Center. The regulations were updated on 1 October The reverse of the medal has the inscription, "For Combat Readiness--Air Force" in a circle, near the outer edge of the medal.

Community volunteers must have completed at least 12 duties over that 2 year period in order to quality for their certificate of service. Died on Operations Recognition Award The Elizabeth Cross and miniature The Elizabeth Cross and Memorial Scroll are granted to the next of kin of regular, reserve or Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel who have died on operations, or as a result of an act of terrorism since 1 January From 1 May British Army officers also became eligible for the award of the medal, but only if at least twelve of their eighteen later fifteen years of qualifying service had been in the ranks before being commissioned and provided that the conduct requirements for the award of the medal had been met.

Naval Reserve; The Vietnam Service Medal with four Bronze Stars, which is awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who served at any time between July 4,and March 28,in Vietnam or its contiguous waters or airspace; or, for any period of service during the same time period in Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia or the air spaces thereover and in direct support of operations in Vietnam.

However, previous service in the Military, as a special constable, police cadet, or as a police staff member does not count towards qualifying service for a police long service and good conduct medal.

Northern Africa Southern Asia In order to qualify for the above clasps, specific criteria must be met. Chapter 4 Certificates of servicePolice officers Under Police Regulations a police officer leaving West Yorkshire Police is entitled, unless transferring to another Force, to receive a certificate showing their rank and period of service in this Force.

Scope All police officers, special constables and police staff and volunteers. For further details see Awards which recognise employees and the public policy.

Service boards consider recommendations in April and October every year. The latest full list of the British Orders of Knighthood, decorations, medals and the order of wear can be found in the publication of The London Gazette You can contact the Medals Office if you have a query about the order of wear.

Looking on is Margaret B. The National Defense Service Medal, which is awarded for honorable active service as a member of the Armed Forces during the Korean War, Vietnam War, the war against Iraq in the Persian Gulf, and for service during the current War on Terrorism; The Navy Good Conduct Medal, which is awarded on a selective basis to recognize four years of continuous active duty, above average conduct and proficiency by enlisted service members in the regular Navy or U.

Other types of service may be counted at the discretion of the Head of Corporate HR. Caplan, director of the VA Medical Center. This design is enclosed by a stylized compass rose, with triangles at the points, indicating the worldwide nature of the mission of the Air Force.

It is expected that further operations and clasps will be added to the GSM 08 as time progresses. Police staff Dependent on the length of service, certificates of service will be presented for: The Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct South Africaintroduced in Decemberwas the exception since the inscriptions on its bar as well as on the reverse of the medal were bilingual, in Afrikaans and English on the bar and in English and Afrikaans on the medal reverse.

Subsequent service of 10 years is recognized with a clasp, so long as the individual has continued to have a clear disciplinary record.

If you go on to complete a further 1, days aggregated service by 31 Decemberyou will be awarded a bar.

FORCE POLICY - Medal awards and commendations

Regular Force officers were not eligible for any long service awards since, as they held a commission, they were expected to serve honourably and for a long period of time. Further information relating to the conduct assessment and the associated procedure can be accessed.

To find out how to recommend someone go to: The Chief Constable will provide the Secretary of State with full particulars of the case which give rise to the question of forfeiture of a medal following conviction for disgraceful conduct, or a criminal offence.

Reserve Force officers were eligible for various long service decorations that granted them the use of post-nominal letters, while Reserve Force other ranks were eligible for various long service and good conduct medals, but without post-nominals.

Wearing of medals You should only wear official decorations, medals or emblems which you are entitled to and have been approved for acceptance and wear. There is no qualifying period for police support volunteers for the certificate of service.In March the intention to introduce a single new long service medal for all three Service Arms was announced by the United Kingdom's Government, to replace the Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (Military), the Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal () and the Royal Air Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Next (higher): Accumulated Campaign Service Medal.

Rep. Barletta presents medals to four veterans

Air Force Good Conduct Medal From its inception in until May 31,qualifying enlisted Air Force personnel were awarded the Army’s Good Conduct Medal. Beginning June 1, the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was awarded for three years continuous active duty.

Jan 21,  · U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal Clasp?? You have to serve three years in the reserves to earn a reserve good conduct medal You have to serve three years in the Army to earn a army good conduct medal. Splitting between the two, you don't meet the requirements of either.

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Please, click on the ribbon for award details and related products. Air Force Good Conduct. Air Force Longevity. Air Force Meritorious Unit Award.

Air Medal.

Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (Military)

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Writing af good conduct medal
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